Rainbows and butterflies

Ever make something for someone with the hopes of it pleasing them?

This is my life on a daily basis. It’s all personal to me….not just business. Whoever coined the phrase “it’s not personal, just business” was NOT self employed!

Every call I get is a great new adventure…the one where “I want them to be happy” adventure. I know this probably sounds crazy but it’s true.

Part of my DNA…you know, to serve.

Well today was no exception…but I something about this one made me just as happy as they hopefully will be.

All the colors!!!!

Ooohhhhh, like a candy store!








Put them all together and you get rainbows and butterflies!!!

20110608-050204.jpgI love my job 😉

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I guess it appears that I no longer have any interest in blogging, but it is not true. Our family has been going through a rather challenging time lately with my dear sweet Grandma. After a short hospital stay, she is now home and doing somewhat better but as expected, it is not a “bounce back” kind of situation we are in.

Grandma with Tuki

Grandma suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease. If you have never experienced it, it is a horrible disease! Heart breaking and gut wrenching to watch. I can’t imagine how much more difficult it must be for our mom to see her own mother slowly slip away from her.

Thankfully, Grandma still recognizes her, although it is in her own way. Even though most days, she can’t remember that mom is her own daughter, she thinks it is her favorite sister Molly. (and I believe that even though in some ways it must be so painful for mom, she is still comforted that Grandma still has that “connection” with her)

As you can imagine, it is a very emotionally draining place to be. Some days are good and other days are just not. Period. I do not question why, because I know with all my heart that God is a loving God and that He loves her so much more than me or any of our family.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I am not saying it flippantly or casually. It is painful. It leaves me raw some days. It has even made me angry, not at anyone or anything particularly, just MAD. Mad that it is happening. Mad because she is my GRANDMA and I love her and I don’t want it to be happening to her. Then I have time to rest and refocus. I remember this promise from God: ” Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matt. 11:28

On a light note though, I also want to remember the good times with Grandma. Like her homemade oatmeal pecan cookies. OH MY GOODNESS! If you are soft and chewy kind of cookie lover, you may not be interested in this recipe. But……if you like a light and crispy cookie kind of gal or guy, you will love this recipe!

me….i’m flexible, it’s a cookie, what’s not to like!


Don’t you love how the writer (and I am the same way) always assumes you will KNOW how to mix everything together and cook it. LOL!

I will attempt to reach way back in the deep dark corners of my mind and remember how she did it. First I will give you the ingredients because as you can see in her hand written recipe, it is quite faded with time.

Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies

3/4 cup of shortening, soft
1 cup brown sugar (i can not remember but i will say packed, but don’t hold me to it)
1/2 cup of white sugar
1 egg
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 cup sifted flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 Tablespoon of baking soda
3 cups uncooked oats (quick oats, best I can recall)
here is my best recollection of how to make them.

In a separate bowl, go ahead and sift your flour with salt and soda added in it, and set it to the side.
Cream your shortening and sugars together until light and fluffy. (this takes a few minutes and it the color will lighten)
Add your egg and mix until incorporated. Then alternate with water and flour mixture. Start and end with your water. Now add your vanilla and stir.
(if you wanted to add pecan pieces, here would be the place to do that. use the amount you desire)
Now…..here is where the secret to her cookies started because honestly, she might have just dumped all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed it all together. I made an educated guess from my knowledge from culinary school and how we would make cookies 🙂 But this next step…I REMEMBER VERY, VERY WELL!
Take a spoon and put it in water. Every time you dip your spoon, get some dough and place it on your cookie sheet and then use the back of the spoon (make sure it has water on it) and press your cookie down just so slightly.
Then bake at 350 degrees until brown.

So, if you decide to try this recipe I hope that with every cookie you think of your grandmother. Or mother, dad, aunt, uncle…whoever took the time to show how much they loved you through the special gift of a cookie.

Better yet, if you are blessed to still have them in your life, make them a batch (or their favorite cookie) and go share it with them. Don’t just drop them off…take the TIME to sit down with them and enjoy the moment with them.

For we do not know what tomorrow will bring…..

Let them cool and you have the most wonderful crunchy oatmeal pecan cookies!

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So for the last week I have been celebrating my thirties…since they are coming to an end and all.

I started the celebration by getting a facial and a massage, courtesy of my best friend Lisa and my wonderful husband. Let me just say, it was A MAZ ING!  Leah and Anka were the ladies who really made me feel very pampered that day. My skin felt like it was 20 again and my muscles were so relaxed all I needed was bed!  Oh my…I think it should be required for every woman to have a massage and facial once a month. The world would be a much happier place, I am convinced.

But it just gets better!

I was able to reschedule my hair appointment for that afternoon.

Now, I don’t care what you say, but there is just something about being able to have your hair “done”.  Face it, you ladies know exactly what I am talking about.  It can be the difference between and good day and a bad day. Everything just is better when we have a a good hair day…it’s true. Yep.

Anyway….my dear friend Leigh Ann, (and friends) who just opened a new salon not too far from me, was going to transform me into a new woman. You know, to get me psyched up for my 40’s.

She is the kind of girl I can say “do whatever you want, I trust you” to my hair and I end up a happy girl!

Once again, I was thrilled.

My "bring on the 40's" hair cut

Did I tell you how much a new hair “do” can make your day? Oh yeah! It’s true. Nothing like a fresh start, a do over, a girl’s best kept (not so secret) secret. Ahhhhhh…..

So, if you are in need of a fresh new outlook today I suggest you take a day to just pamper yourself. Have a massage. Get a facial. Or change your hair style.  Celebrate you!

Here’s to my 40’s!

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much harder than it looks…

Ugh…Raise your hand if you have ever had your own blog.

Hello???? Anyone there? Anyone….

Well, let me just share this with you. It is HARD for me. ugh!

I mean, anyone who knows me personally, knows that I have no problem with talking…right?!  Of course!

But this putting words down on “paper” or in this case the web, it seems to be so difficult for me.  I stress over this at night. Literally…. I find myself starting, then stopping, then editing, then deleting, then closing the laptop.

Frustration I tell you….frustration!

I definitely want to talk about food and The Peery House but I also like to talk about things that happen in my life, my opinions and such and just things in general.

Would you read it? Do you care? Should I mix business with personal???

These are the things that keep me awake at night. (well…sometimes)


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comfort food

Today, it’s all about comfort food.  Actually the last two days have been about comfort food…..cause my baby boy is very sick.

Well, he may not be my “little” boy like he is in the picture above …but when he is sick then immediately, in my little mind, he becomes a my little boy and that means he needs his momma.

I like to be needed…it’s a mom thing.

So, to try to make him feel better (or sabotage my diet) I decided to turn the ovens on at home.

My lovely friend Lisa-Anne sent me a recipe on Facebook that was the ultimate 13 year old boy’s comfort food….one big ol’ chocolate chip cookie.  I have recipes for a chocolate chip cookies but the cool thing about this one was it was all made and cooked in an iron skillet. How cool is that!

Here is the link if you are interested in making this scrumptious and oh so easy dessert! Oh! It is also very good if you top it with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It doesn’t stop here by any means. (meaning there is more cooking to come)

This morning I needed comforting. I mean, do you know how long it’s been since I have been up every four hours during the middle of the night? Seriously! In fact, I had to set my alarm on my phone to ensure I would get up to check his temperature and give him something to keep his fever down.

Especially since yesterday during the day, I forgot about giving him something for several hours and when I checked his temp it was a scary 104.7!!! I was not going to let that happen again….no way!!!

So, this morning all I kept thinking about was this…


Mmmmmm……..breakfast comfort food! So, I went on the hunt for what I could put into my quiche.  Eggs…check.  Cheese…check. Bacon….that’ll work. ohhhh, and fresh spinach! YUM!   They were delicious, straight from the oven with a side of fresh strawberries.

Later today, after a much needed nap (you know, that getting up every four hours during the night thing) I decided a good healthy, hearty soup would be just what we all needed.

Like this

Ahhhh….comfort foods.

What do you like to cook when you are craving comfort foods?

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I have a confession to make…

I do not own a microwave.

Yep! I don’t have one at home or at The Peery House.  I am sure you are wondering why I don’t have one and how do I make popcorn without a microwave.

Well……like this

I make it on the stove.

Seriously, I do and I use the same pan every time. In fact, I only use this pan for popping popcorn and nothing else.  Want to know something else?

my kind of popcorn

I like to have my popcorn sprinkled with some burnt pieces, a little salt and then slices of a sweet crisp apple on the side.  Mmmmmm…

The trick is to leave it on the stove for just a minute or more after it stops popping.  I try not to leave it on there too long because my children complain about it making all the popcorn taste burnt.

So, are you an old fashioned cook it on the stove kind of popcorn person?  Butter flavored salt? Microwaved? Unbelievable butter? Or lightly buttered? Do you only eat popcorn at ballgames and movies or do you consider it a snacking staple in your home?

I would love to know just how many people still pop their popcorn on top of the stove like me so leave me a comment and fill me in.




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and the winner is…..

Oh my!

This giveaway was so fun!!! I had so much fun pulling out my phone everyday to see if someone had posted a comment on our blog. It was like the scene in the movie “You’ve got mail” where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are admitting how they can’t wait to turn on their computers and hear “you’ve got mail”.  I so understand what they were saying…it has such a pull.

Anyway….before I tell who won I want to give a shout out to Blake..the Direct TV guy! I decided he would be the most impartial person to draw the name since he was not from here and he was waiting on my dad to get a ladder tall enough to reach the satellite. 🙂 I am sure it made his day.

No, really. I am sure it did.  LOL

and the winner is…………………..




Dana Estes!!!!

Yeah for Dana, who in my humble opinion needs a good warm cup of hot cocoa after battling with preschool kids all day long at our local elementary school! (me…i would need a DOUBLE SHOT of chocolate! whew!)

Dana please contact me and let me know when you would like to receive your prize!!

AND…Thank you sooo much to each of you for taking the time to enter our giveaway and I appreciate all of the suggestions. I hope you will continue to stop by and read my ramblings and provide feedback!! I love to see what you have to say 🙂


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