I have a confession to make…

I do not own a microwave.

Yep! I don’t have one at home or at The Peery House.  I am sure you are wondering why I don’t have one and how do I make popcorn without a microwave.

Well……like this

I make it on the stove.

Seriously, I do and I use the same pan every time. In fact, I only use this pan for popping popcorn and nothing else.  Want to know something else?

my kind of popcorn

I like to have my popcorn sprinkled with some burnt pieces, a little salt and then slices of a sweet crisp apple on the side.  Mmmmmm…

The trick is to leave it on the stove for just a minute or more after it stops popping.  I try not to leave it on there too long because my children complain about it making all the popcorn taste burnt.

So, are you an old fashioned cook it on the stove kind of popcorn person?  Butter flavored salt? Microwaved? Unbelievable butter? Or lightly buttered? Do you only eat popcorn at ballgames and movies or do you consider it a snacking staple in your home?

I would love to know just how many people still pop their popcorn on top of the stove like me so leave me a comment and fill me in.





About thepeeryhouse

I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, so I serve others through food.
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7 Responses to Popcorn

  1. Kay Allison says:

    Love to pop my own corn! But , usually, it is from the microwave! A “special” memory of mine. A BIG old house with a fire place…the old fashioned kind(with wood)….my “Mama Cook”…..the corn popper that has a long handle and wire basket………a glass of Pepsi…….and the lap of my Mama Cook!! Oh such sweet memories as a child!!! LOVED it….very special to me!!!!

  2. Jill Byassee says:

    We make our popcorn in a machine on a stand like what you used to see on a street corner. (It’s red with wheels and a little storage area below for storing all the supplies.) I got it a few years ago (at Sam’s) as a Christmas present for Johnny. He had commented several months before about it, and when I saw it on sale I had to get it. For once, he had NO idea what he was getting for Christmas! It stands in the corner of our room over the garage where we always go to watch movies, and it makes really good popcorn.

  3. Gail Williams says:

    Stove top is the only way we cook popcorn..much better than microwave we think. I use Orville Reddenbocker.

  4. Belva Puckett says:

    We eat it both ways, but our preference is Amish grown popcorn, popped on top of the stove–we too use 1 pan for popping, and we let it scorch/burn a few kernels! It’s one of our favorite snacks!

  5. Heather Elliott says:

    I love old fashioned popcorn on the stove! My wonderful and amazing stepdad, John Turner, loves to make it on the stove and he is the best at it! We have come to sort of having a Sunday evening tradition of stove top popped popcorn for dinner! Along with our huge bowls of popcorn we watch America’s funniest home videos! Just another great family memory!

  6. Gaye Bencini says:

    Dad used to make it on the stove pre-microwave days and I, too, love the pieces that were a tad bit burned!

  7. gina dane says:

    I am a microwave person-usually three times a year only do I eat it-butter is a must

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